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Personal Well-Being

Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching

Reach your peak with guidance & support using nature, intuition, & practical steps to set & reach goals & change your mind, body, & soul.. Click to learn more.

Health coaching
Health and life coaching session with client

Single Coaching Session

Looking for help with a specific health challenge or goal?  Need a quick refresh after completing one of the signature programs?  One 60-minute coaching session may be for you. This is great for an introduction to personal development, quick feedback, goal setting, or support with one  primary issue.  Single sessions are for new or returning clients & will be customized to fit your unique wants & needs, no matter where you are on your wellness journey. 

Cost per session: $125

Woman meditating for wellness

Are you in need of some help but are unsure where to start?  This one month program is perfect for anyone looking for support without a long-term commitment. We will work on health, lifestyle, barriers, & goals to achieve mind-body-soul wellness. We will briefly touch on aspects of life that nourish you both on the plate (diet & bio-individual nutrition) as well as off the plate (relationships, career, fitness, finances, etc.).  This program consists of two 60-minute coaching sessions with follow up & accountability/ support in between.  

Cost per session: $225

Wellness Foundations

Book a FREE 45 minute consult to review health history, lifestyle, challenges, & goals to achieve health, wealth, & happiness. If we find that my services are a good fit for you, we can choose a program or develop a personalized & tailored plan together to specifically address your unique wants & needs.  No commitment & completely free of charge.


Signature Well-Being Programs

Proven methods to help overcome your unique challenges, achieve your goals, & lead to long-term, mind-body-soul transformation. Click to learn more.

Seasonal detox

Do you feel 'off', sluggish, tired, or irritable certain times of the year?  Spring & Autumn can be challenging & stressful times. The weather & temperate make big transitions. Energy changes direction as we either shift inward or outward. Our diet, sleep, activity level, & lifestyle all see huge seasonal changes.  This two month program can be done in the Spring or Fall (or both!) for a total mind-body-soul detox & recharge.  It includes tips & support to help transition through seasons, get back on track after a busy summer or slow winter, prepare for the holiday season, adjust to seasonal lifestyle shifts, & more.

Seasonal Detox

Woman relaxing for self-care

Are you burnt out & constantly giving more than you receive?  It's hard to put yourself first when you have a big heart & take care of others. This three month program is designed for the healers, caregivers, parents, & people who worry about everyone but themselves.  Learn to establish self-care habits, techniques for stress management, & mental shifts around taking care of yourself first. Eliminate compassion fatigue, make self-care a priority & overcome barriers to feeling your best so you can take better care of others. The best care starts with SELF care!

Self-Care for Care Givers

woman igniting the spark in herself

Do you feel like something is missing from your life but you can't put your finger on it?  Sometimes we get stuck on autopilot & just need some help to reignite that spark inside of us.  This 3 month program focuses on body-mind-soul connection to feel joyfully alive from the inside out.  We will explore & work on areas like relationships, life purpose, creativity, passion, alignment, stress reduction, spirituality, & more & discover how they relate to your mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual health.

Spark Joy

Woman with happy belly

Do you suffer from chronic digestive distress & the emotional challenges that come with it? Symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, & indigestion are not only frustrating, they can be downright debilitating at times. This causes depression, anxiety, changes in mood, & social avoidance - not only from symptoms, but also from the connection between your gut & brain.  Nutrition is not only important to the waistline since the gut is like a second brain & affects serotonin & your immune system. This 3 month program addresses all aspects of a happy belly including nutrition, mental patterns, spirituality, stress & more.  Feel better from the inside out.

Happy Belly

Chronic illness support

Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired? Explore the connection & impact of food & lifestyle on health & wellbeing.  Use a holistic approach to reduce symptoms, address root problems, & feel better naturally.  This 4-6 month program includes lifestyle changes, food as medicine, balancing mental & emotional health, & learning how to manage stress. Through full body awareness & gentle shifts, you can feel better than you ever realized possible. 

Chronic Illness Support

Man feeling proud of your transformation and hard work

Ready for a big change?  Health, wealth, & happiness is yours for the taking! This 6 month program transforms the whole self including what nourishes you on the plate (nutrition) & what nourishes you off the plate (finances, career, relationships, exercise, hobbies, etc.).  Explore the connection & optimization of food, fitness, rest, stress, emotions, mental patterns, behavior, habits, self-care, spirituality, & more.  We will (re)align your mind, body, & soul through small consistent steps & gentle shifts.

Mind-Body-Soul Total Transformation

Evergreen Tress

Signature program costs: $200 per month
Custom programs available to meet your unique needs - reach out & we can put together a personalized plan designed just for YOU!

I firmly believe that health, wealth, & happiness should be available to everyone, regardless of background, circumstance, or current season of life. We've all been through tough times, myself included, & these are the times we need help the most. For this reason, I accept a number of clients on a sliding scale.  Fees can be adjusted depending on individual's income when availability permits.  Don't be afraid to ask.         

Reach your personal PEAK


Break free from life on autopilot. Floating around lost with no meaning, depth, or purpose. Mind-body-soul work brings passion into your life.  Instead of simply existing, passion & meaning helps you to truly LIVE.


Become empowered to take control of your health & life so you'll settle for nothing less than your peak.  Shatter the ceiling on health, wealth, & happiness.  You can & will feel better than you ever thought possible.


Take a holistic approach to health & healing.  Addressing diet, fitness, lifestyle, career, finances, spirituality, emotions, & relationships at the same time leads to true mind, body, soul alignment & transformation.


Work to understand your values, behaviors, & motivations. Self awareness leads to compassion, kindness, & self-love. Science shows that kindness improves mental, physical, & spiritual health as well.

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