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Professional Well-Being


As someone who feels called to serve & make an impact, your personal & professional life are naturally intertwined. The line between work & home is blurred. Your work feels like an extension of who you are.  Heart-based & mindful business practices are about creating your business or career in the way that feels good to you. It’s about doing the work you love & are uniquely skilled at doing. It’s about making a difference & making a great living doing it.

Peak well-being for your professional life is both an inside & outside job.  My services at Mountains of Wellness help you to reach your peak by addressing both the internal & external aspects of your professional life, especially if you have an entrepreneurial spirit or a calling to pursue purposeful work.

Heart-Based Business & Career Coaching helps you to take a look at what's going on with you & your inside world, while Mindful Marketing Services helps to align that inside world with the outside world & your external brand & image.


Heart-Based Business & Career Coaching

Support to reach your professional peak in a way that truly aligns with your heart & soul.  Click to learn more.

Biz career coaching
Professional development coaching

Single Coaching Session

Looking for help with a specific professional challenge or goal?  Need a quick refresh after completing another program?  One 60-minute coaching session may be for you. This is great for an introduction to personal & professional development & alignment, quick feedback, goal setting, or support with one primary issue.  Single sessions are for new or returning clients & will be customized to fit your unique wants & needs, no matter where you are on your personal & professional well-being journey. 

Cost per session: $125

Business planning support

Feeling both passion & overwhelm while starting or growing a business? We all know that running a business involves planning, research, & strategy.  What is less often spoken about is the emotional roller coaster, deep healing, & self discovery that also comes with the decision to set out on the exciting & meaningful path of the entrepreneur.   We will work on all aspects of owning a business - mind, body, & soul - as we identify your heart's desires, set goals, work through barriers, & navigate your unique entrepreneurial journey. 

Cost: $225 per month

*Discounts available for multiple months 

Entrepreneurial Support

Career coaching on the computer

Career Coaching

Looking to change careers or grow in your current one?  Feeling stuck & unsatisfied but not sure what to do?  Coaching can help you gain clarity, direction & support.  Professional well-being is a mind-body-soul journey.  Discovering & acting on the next step in your career is no exception.  We will work on personal & professional alignment, self-discovery, goal setting, & overcoming barriers.  This includes practical steps for your job search or job growth, as well as the emotional & spiritual aspects of setting out on a career path that truly lights your soul on fire.

Cost: $225 per month

*Discounts available for multiple months 

Finding your professional passion

Book a FREE 45 minute consult to review your professional life, challenges, & goals to improve career satisfaction, infuse purpose & meaning into your work, & achieve optimal professional well-being. If we find that my services are a good fit for you, we can choose a program or develop a personalized & tailored plan together to specifically address your unique wants & needs.  No commitment & completely free of charge.

Custom programs available to meet your unique needs - reach out & we can put together a personalized plan designed just for you.

I firmly believe that health, wealth, & happiness should be available to everyone, regardless of background, circumstance, or current season of life. We've all been through tough times, myself included, & these are the times we need help the most. For this reason, I accept a number of clients on a sliding scale.  Fees can be adjusted depending on individual's income when availability permits.  Don't be afraid to ask.         

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Mindful Marketing Services

Consulting & done-for-you services that align your authentic business message with your heart & soul.

Mindful Marketing

Business, sales, & marketing don't have to be intimidating or uncomfortable.  You don't have to lie or trick people.  You don't have to make promises you can’t keep, or use fake sales tactics & play on people’s weaknesses to make money & run a successful business.  Marketing can & should instead be used as a tool for customer engagement, relationship building, strategic partnerships, networking, & storytelling as a way to explain your mission & value, define your brand, & connect with the people you can truly benefit. 

If you think that it's impossible to do what you love, help people, & make money doing it - I'm here to tell you that you're mistaken.  There's nothing wrong with promoting yourself & your business & making a good living doing what you love to do. 

Let me help you craft your brand with a 10-step proven process for success in a way that feels authentic & aligned with who you truly are.  You can show up & share your message & feel good about doing it.

If you’re a helper, a healer, or resonate as a heart-based, mindful, & conscious entrepreneur looking for branding & marketing guidance to help you start or grow your business, you’re in the right place.

Mindful Marketing
Business strategy and planning for marketing

Planning & Strategy

Starting a business, growing a business, & expanding products & offerings can be a large & overwhelming undertaking on your own.  It takes planning, funding, resources, & heart.  On top of that, it can be an emotional roller coaster. I can help.

  • Project management

  • Grant writing/administration

  • Internal & external communications

  • Marketing strategy & plans 

  • Public Relations

Marketing services are highly customizable to fit all needs & budgets.  Contact me so we can discuss & decide on details, plans & aligned pricing together. 

Reach your professional PEAK


Break free from life on autopilot. Floating around lost with no meaning, depth, or purpose. Mind-body-soul work brings passion into your job.  Instead of simply existing, passion & meaning helps you to truly LIVE.


Become empowered to take control so you'll settle for nothing less than your peak.  Shatter the ceiling on your career. You can find happiness, prosperity, & meaning in your work, no matter what anyone else is doing.


Take a holistic approach to life & work. Through personal & professional balance, true mind, body, soul alignment & pursuing work that feels authentic & in sync with your heart, true transformation is possible.


Work to understand your values, behaviors, & motivations. Self awareness leads to compassion, kindness, & self-love. Science shows that kindness improves your life & work while increasing your prosperity.

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