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Welcome to Mountains of Wellness
A one-stop well-being shop for health, life & business


You have that hard to explain feeling that something is off or missing in your life.  You want to do better, feel better, be better, but it seems selfish, unrealistic, or impossible - plus you have no idea where to even start.  To make matters worse, you look around and it seems like this feeling is "normal" and everyone tells you that it's "just the way it is" and that THIS is "as good as it gets".  I will never tell you that.

I believe that there's a better way.

My mission: I believe in healing.  In improvement. In the ability to adopt a growth mindset. In reaching our true potential and becoming the directors of our lives and the authors of our own stories.  I believe in challenging the status quo and proving the naysayers wrong.  You CAN do better, feel better, be better.  And I want to help guide you there.  Let's overcome obstacles that stand in the way of health, wealth, and happiness together.



Holistic Health



What's the secret?  Find the sweet spot.


  1. Utilize holistic health and mind-body-soul wellness as the vehicle to peak well-being

  2.  Connect to nature and dig down to your roots

  3.  Cultivate a spiritual practice to enrich your life with a higher sense of purpose  

It can change your whole life.  I'd love to show you how. There's a sweet spot at the intersection of these three aspects with a deeply fulfilling and magical life waiting for us once we dare to explore it.  I believe that a life full of health, wealth, and happiness is not only accessible, it is our divine right to live.  Let me help you believe that too. 

Woman looking at the water reflecting on life and health
Mountains Meet Lake

There's a mountain of wellness waiting for you


I'm Danielle and welcome to Mountains of Wellness.  I'm a certified personal and professional well-being guide who helps to dig down to the root of things so you can identify and overcome obstacles to health, wealth, and happiness to reach your true potential and transform your life.  I'm not perfect.  I'm just a regular person, determined to make an ordinary life extraordinary by digging deeper than most are willing to go.

I’m a Transformation Coach certified in holistic health and life coaching as well as heart-based career and business coaching.  I'm also a Reiki Master, mindful marketer, business growth professional, personal development junkie, and lover of nature and the energy of the mountains. 


I have the intention to live a soulfully authentic and full life aligned with my heart.  A life infused with purpose, lived on purpose and I’d like to help you to do the same.

Let’s reach new peaks together.

"I took the road less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference"

Robert Frost

Don't worry - I get it and I can help. 

I've been where you are. I know what you feel like. I truly do understand.

Living your best life, to your fullest potential doesn't have to be scary or intimidating.  You don't need to change who you are or act the "right" way.  You don't have to give everything up that you love.  You can do this.  Trust me, no matter what your situation is, I can relate and help you through it.

My Approach

Who I help

Those who want to improve their personal &/or professional life. They might not feel awful, but they don't feel vibrant & are often just going through the motions.  They feel like something is wrong or missing, but can't pinpoint what it is.  There's a root cause deep down for their symptoms & they need help to find it & heal it with support to tackle goals & improve their life.

How I do it

By guiding clients through a proven process for healing & growth that includes 4 main pillars for peak well-being:

1. Digging deep down to the root cause

2. Finding & living in the sweet spot where holistic health, nature, & spirituality meet

3. Building a strong foundation for success

4. Nourishing our mind, body, & soul with things that are both on & off our plate. 

What's in it for you

Health, wealth, happiness, & peak well-being for both your personal & professional life is yours for the taking. You are at your P.E.A.K when you are passionate, empowered, aligned, & kind & I can help.

Passionate: living with purpose on purpose

Empowered: to reach for your full potential

Aligned: holistic mind-body-soul wellness

Kind: love & compassion for self & others

True transformation happens when we address people as a whole.  We all have our own unique mountains to discover and climb both personally and professionally.


of adults are diagnosed with chronic illnesses


are mentally or emotionally not flourishing, lacking purpose, &  are unsatisfied with their lives


are indifferent or downright hate their jobs


are not maintaining healthy habits

Only  3

are healthy, happy, & prosperous with peak well-being

Mountain Path

You may wonder why - in a world of sick, unhappy, & unfulfilled people merely going through the motions - why would I be able to live any differently?
Well, I’m here to ask you WHY NOT? Why not explore the mountain of your inner potential?  Why not embark on the most important adventure of your life?  Why not join that happy, healthy, & wealthy 3%? Let’s do this - let's find your peak.

What is peak well-being?

Just imagine your best self ...

  • Feeling healthy, energetic, & vibrant.

  • Having more free time in your schedule to do the things that you love.

  • ​Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed & excited for the day.​

  • Feeling a sense of purpose to your life.

  • Loving your job & the meaning it brings to your life.

  • Connecting to the people you love on a soul level.

  • Knowing you have the tools you need to handle stress.

  • Feeling a deep alignment between your personal & professional life.

  • Living in a way that feels true & authentic.

  • Loving, trusting & fully believing in yourself & your capabilities.

  • Feeling connected to nature, life, & the deeper world around you.

  • Knowing yourself & understanding what motivates you.

  • Feeling a lightness in your heart

Now press play. Close your eyes. Visualize this for yourself. Feel the magic & feel your very best self.

Forest Meditation
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Are you smiling after that quick meditation?  It may be hard to believe, but life can & will feel that good when you're ready & willing to go for it. 

 If this PEAKS your interest, we should chat. 

Success Stories


I have tried several methods of achieving different goals before working with Danielle. I attribute my success this time, to her. She was supportive and helped me dig deep within myself to find answers to questions I didn’t know I had. She was an accountability partner, encourager and friend. My time shared with her on this personal level has been immeasurable and I believe anyone looking for a coach who always shows up for you, and reminds you to show up for yourself, should work with Danielle.


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